Postdoc sur le fonctionnement écologique des dunes hydrauliques, en particulier de la faune ichtyologique


France Energies Marines

L'Institut pour la Transition Energétique dédiée aux EMR

The postdoctoral candidate will:
– characterize the benthodemersal fish community structure at these particular habitats and model the influence of environmental variables (such as temperature, salinity, current speed, grain size, turbidity) on these communities;
– analyze trophic links within benthodemersal fish community and between macrofauna (a second postdoc will aim at characterizing this faunal group) and fish;
– contribute to the theoretical characterization of potential ORE impacts on hydraulic dunes and to the definition of guidelines for the study of hydraulic dune ecosystems.

To address this program, the candidate will work within a multidisciplinary consortium with complementary expertise in ecology (experts of ichtyofauna, macrofauna, meiofauna), in hydrodynamics, sedimentology, in interactions between ORE systems and the marine environment, and in ORE devices & developments.

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