Postdoc sur la gestion du biofouling en mer dans un contexte d’énergies marines renouvelables


France Energies Marines

L'Institut pour la Transition Energétique dédié aux EMR

The postdoctoral candidate will identify suitable systems for effectively preventing fouling on ORE components, in different theatres of operation. To address this program, the candidate will work within a multidisciplinary consortium with complementary expertise in ORE systems, in the development and selection of environmentally friendly antifouling or fouling release strategies, in the understanding of (bio)deterioration and biofouling management. The risks, benefits, barriers and opportunities associated with diff erent types of biofouling management activities will be addressed.

The successful candidate will complete a literature review covering antifouling approaches, in-water grooming and/or cleaning processes to manage fouling and relevant microbial communities involved in (bio)deterioration of materials. Strong interactions with collaborating partners will be developed. Preliminary in-situ tests on selected antifouling strategies will be investigated.

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