CDI – Customer Applications Engineer


Job Description Summary
The role acts as supporting function for the Application Engineer in his/her role of interface between Sales and Tendering (S&T) and Engineering in the scope of wind turbine product, ensuring that the all the needed information for customers in the different commercial processes is available.

Job Description
Aplication Engineer (AE) is a role that is the interface between the Engineering team in offshore business, being part of Customer Support team, and the Sales and Tender team for any Request for Quotation (RfQ) received for the HALIADE X wind turbine.

The main responsibilities of this role as the only contact point between these two teams are :

  • Analyzing the Employer Requirements (ER) received and standards applicable for any opportunity that is decided to quote.
  • From this analysis, the AE shall identify any deviation in comparison to the product.
  • Identify the adjustments (Design to Order, DTO) to be done in the product to fulfill the ER, including the cost associated.
  • Identify adjustments to be done (Design to Order, DTO) due to the applicable  standards.
  • DTOs definition following the corresponding process
  • DTOs result shall be shared with Sales and Tender point of contact to take into account in the budget.

From the RfQ analysis the AE will also identify the Features and Accessories (F&A) to be costed in the budget of the opportunity to send the firm bid.

In his/her function, the AE will clarify additional risks based on specific requirements from client and/or market, including duties to ensure Technical Regulation and Standards processes are applied in each case.

The AE will be responsible to create for Engineering team’s scope, for every bid :

  • The Scope of Work Matrix
  • Risk Assessment Matrix (RAMP)
  • Deviation list from ER
  • Cost and concept of the DTOs
  • F&A
  • Cost of the standard work of Engineering for the project execution (POH).

The creation and maintenance of the technical commercial documentation related to the product and the coordination of the different contributors to this task (Application Engineering Center, Subsystem Engineers, etc.) are essential tasks within the role.

The AE will work closely with the Tender Manager in order to support clarifications based on employer requirements in documentation or face to face meetings with client experts and Technical Due Diligence (TDD).