Renewable Energy engineer


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Studies and career history:

2017-2020 Engineering School, ESIX Normandie Cherbourg, concentration in Industrial Systems Engineering, emphasis on Industrial Production/Renewable Marine Energy.

● 03/2020 – 08/2020: Engineer internship 26 weeks, Primo Energy, USA

– Designing & testing hybrid solar/wind charge controllers

– Performing data analysis on tested technologies

– Assisting the team during installations

– Optimizing a permanent magnet generator based on data analysis

– Writing / Debugging code


● 07/2019 – 08/2019: Technician internship 9 weeks, Saint Martin’s Institute, Malta

– Virtual reality prototypes improvement

– Understanding the requirements of the systems

– Analyzing current prototypes & Brief the team on improvements made


● 07/2018 – 08/2018: Operator internship 6 weeks, PUNCH Powerglide, France

– Manual or semi-automatic assembly of at least 650 subassemblies for automatic gearbox manufacturing

– Loading and unloading assembly parts and checking for defects


● Research project: design of a tidal turbine and quantification of supplied energy, prototype complies with electrical standards.

● Studied:

– Onshore/Offshore Project Engineering

– Onshore/Offshore Installation Work & Logistics Planning

– Technical & Environmental Studies

– Project Lifecycle (Studies/Conception/Installation/Operations & Maintenance)

– Energy Conversion & Storage Technologies

– Transformation & Management of Electrical Energy

– Project Management

– Production Management & Process Improvement Techniques

– Industrial Marketing


2015-2017 DUT 2-year higher diploma in Industry and Maintenance, IUT Thionville-Yutz, France.

● 04/2017 – 06/2017: Technician internship 10 weeks, SMS Industriels, Morocco

– Setting up a computer-assisted maintenance management system with software SAGE 100

– Organizing spare parts shop and workshop, the 5S method

– Undertaking corrective and conditional maintenance of pump and fan motors

– Managing stock, bills, customers, suppliers and quotations with software SAGE 100: filled100 orders after 2 weeks

– Analyzing the content of the software SAGE 100 database

● Research project: programmed a sliding gate with the Millenium 3 PLC, prototype compliant with electricity standards and non-destructive testing of  defects

● Studied:

– Electrical Engineering: electricity, analog electronic, electrotechnic, power electronic and automatic

– Mechanical Engineering : fluid mechanics and general mechanics

– Computer- assisted maintenance management


2013-2015 Studies in applied mathematical sciences, University Mohamed I, Oujda, Morocco

2013 Baccalaureat major in mathematics, lycée El Badissi, Morocco



● Robotik Association Member: responsible for robot conception for French competition

● IT: Office suite, Millenium3 Crouzet, Gantt Project, SAGE 100, Ms Project, FLEXSIM, See Electrical, Ki Cad, SIMATIC STEP7, DipTrace, Python

● Languages: Business English (TOEIC 820, March 2019), French: fluent, Spanish : Conversational

● Sports: Swimming, volleyball



03/02/2020 to 08/31/2020

Electrical Engineering Intern à Primo Energy

Designing hybrid wind/solar charge controllers and testing them

Optimizing a permanent magnet generator based on analysis

Assisting the team during installations

Performing data analysis on tested technologies

Writing/Debugging code


09/01/2017 to 12/30/2020

Industrial Systems Engineering with emphasis on Industrial Production and Renewable Marine Energy à ESIX Normandie